Manifested a Power on the Rajbai Mata Hills

Rajbai Mata Pahadi per Shakti Pargatan

!!! Om Shiv Goraksh Yogi !!!

Today, on the auspicious occasion of Holi Purnima, on the virtue of Galane (Malegava), the great Archimandrite, Dr. Yogi Vilasnath Ji by his holy feet formed Shri 9 Naths and 84 Siddh at above 3000-4000 meter high on the hill near Village Rajbai Sevali and with them execute Jager Saber power chanting mantra and big offered a prayer to God in the front of fire in the presence of approximately 3000-4000 people. On that occasion, the great Dr. Yogi Vilasnath Ji made a Nath and offered him as retirement and others offered as paternoster. Seven girls were worshipped as Goddess. By the whole process, inspirit a manifested Holi and endowed with Supernatural Powers. So, all the devotees were satisfied to saw all that manifested power.

Rajbai Mata Pahadi per Shakti Pargatan

A Noble Site

In past era, on that auspicious occasion of Holi, the Seven Goddess were manifested and they did dance to inspirited a formidable Holi, After saw that manifested fire Holi, the villagers of about 20-21 Villages (Rajbai sevali, Chinchve, Bhadgav, Kakani, Nandre, Mahsdi, Kumbhad, Kalganv, Deuru, Dhamnaar, Piperkhed, Kanvad, Rampura, Ajnale etc.) exposed their own Holi. But that arrangement had missed. But today that arrangement has come back, when Shri 9 Naths and 84 Siddhs were offered a prayer to God in the front of fire and all the people were delighted to saw all that. During that process, the villagers Mr. Hirabai, the headman of the Village Panchayat, Mr. Damoder Shinde, the vice-headman of the Village Panchayat, main people, devotees and students (Pankaj Baba, Chinchve Jairaj, Ravinder, Pandit Ajay, Dileep, (Bhadganv) Bhalerav Aaba etc. were cooperated with Dr. Yogi Vilasnath Ji and in the presence of all the happiness of that program were doubled.

!! iti shubham !!

Research of Hindu Sanskruti in Ukraine 2017

Research of Hindu Sanskriti in Ukraine 2017

From the Ashram we used to name the sacral place of Slavicgod Road Peru vele 2000 to 2500 years of this name. It is said that this people are spoken by Gods people. In both of these gates, two side protector zones are standing, which these people call Nov or Yav.
As you go inside, there is a large circle of three idols made from Ash tree’s timber. This wood is called pure and long life which is considered auspicious too. 1 = Indraya, which is called Peru god, on the crown of its crown, sword is like a king. The idol is the second Brahmadev, which is called Rod God.
People are born and worshipers believe that there is a circle on it. The third idol is Pashupati God, it is called Veles God. These people adhere to the idol of the idol that keeps the animate. This whole region is called Paradise, meaning heaven.
In the year here, the journey is still here. People come here to worship the hymns of worship, all of them are related to Arya culture.

Research of Triya Rajya in Kamakhya Gauhati Assam

A new discovery, especially in the Nath community, for the history of science and tradition and good fortune, in ancient times, where the Maya formation grandfather, Macchindranath, went to the state of Triya, while carrying his spiritual body into the cave, which cave that found in Kamaru(Kamakhya)(Assam),in a 3-4 days, this place was received in the mountain forest on 140 km from the Mother Kamakhya temple, along with the efforts of my disciple forest officer and local Mr. Arun Kumar Yogi Mukeshnath etc. Even today, the mantra system is practiced by the Totka & black magic by women. Even today, after marriage, the husband has to go to his wife’s house. The property stays in the name of all women, all the activities here are female pradhan. The effect of Tamasi Rajgali Malin Panch Makar Vidya was seen. We are writing the books about this reserch. All these things have a proof of the authenticity of Nath and its authenticity. Later, Guru Goraksnathji went to Triya State to take his teacher, and while going, a village (calling) is named after Kalinga, who is carrying them, which we got on the border of Tripura. Therefore, we have been blessed with great joy, thanks to the blessings of my Guruji Yogi Anandanathaji ………… Iti Shubham.

Similarly, the Macchindranath is the Mayang area in the opposite direction from the cave. Mayang means Maya + organ was seen in this area that most of the female mantras specializes in the system. Whose goddess Ganapati Temple of Sindur in the same region was seen in the same area, and in that way a cottage outside the Macchindranath Nath cave,found the statue of Mahamaya Jogini on a stone whose worship was used by Macchindranath Nath. And Kamala was the chief queen of Triya kingdom, she was very much discussed about her subject.

In 2007 he also visited Mount Omkar Parvat in Tibbat during his stay there he made a Spiritual Research about Nature of the sacred Bija Aum and its relation with three characters of Sattva, RAJAS and TAMAS Later in 2010 this research was resulted in his book “SHRI NATH SIDDHO KI OMKAR SIDDHI”.

Iti Shubham

In auntumn 2007 Yogi Vilasnathji Maharaj went for piligrimage to Mount Kailash
[China] which is considered as an abode of Lord Shiva & Guru Goraksh Nath in cave himself and Lake Mansarovar which is known Mata Parvati dwelling on Earth.

In auntumn 2007 Yogi Vilasnathji Maharaj went for piligrimage to Lake Manas Srover
[China] which is considered as an abode of Lord Shiva & Mata Parvati in cave and Lake Mansarovar. Its belieave that Mata Parvati comes for daily bath in Lake Manas Sarover. To witness that divine event Yogi Vilasnath ji went and sits in early morling in the bank of that lake. When at 4am Yogi Vilas Nath Ji was doing his sadhna he saw the 3 spiritul souls came from sky in the form twinkling stars and take dip in the Lake Mansarovar and go back to sky.