Shri Udya Nathji Dhartri-Svarup, Parvati Avtar

Guru, through whom is manifested a highly power of Shakti, called Udayanath. “Udaya” means the sunrise, Udayanath symbolizes rising Kundalini. Udayanath is Shakti swarupa, he is a universal force that forms all the material and spiritual bodies, including the body of Lord Shiva, which is in various forms, such as Rudra, Nataraja, Sadasiva, Bhairava, Mahakala, etc. These forms are perceived by due to the fact that Nirguna Shiva has the creative power. This force also plays important role in the kaya-sadhana. Without working with prana-shakti and spiritual energy all bodily practices are not successful, so Udayanath is Guru, which protects all yogic and tantric sadhana. According to legend, Udayanath also received initiation from Gorakshanath when performed sadhana in the area of Kamakhya-pith in Assam.

Guru: Shri Omkar Adinathji.
Panth: Shiv-yogi.
Location: Alvar
Sadhana: kandharasana siddhi.
Greatness: manifested as Para-Apara shakti, Nija-shakti rupa, Kundalini-shakti, in shakti-sadhana, Kula-Akula, Kaula kula, Kapalika, tantra-mantra sadhana, ghora-aghora and others forms.
Mantra: Om shri udaya nathay namaḥ