Shri Satya Nathji (Brahma Avtar-Jal Svarup)

The history of dedication of Satyanath – the incarnation of Brahma – linked to the legend where Vishnu and Brahma debated which of them more powerful. In the middle of of the dispute suddenly emerged Shiva Adinath in the form of an infinitepillar of fire. Vishnu went to find the origin of the column to the worlds of hells, andBrahma – to the heavenly worlds, but none of them could not find neither beginningnor end. After that Gorakshanathji emerged from the fire in the form of the Child and from his Ajna streamed the light. He said to Brahma: “You’re going to like me in the next incarnation. You’ll be born in the water, acquire knowledge of the Vedas, Puranas, Shastras, nakshatras, grahas, rashi, kala, sandhya, tarpana, tantra, mantra, gayatri, and to incarnate on earth as Satyanath where people will worship you”.

Satyanath was a founder of one of the Nath-Panth. The knowledge of tantra, mantra, rasayana, alchemy, Ayurveda associated with him. One who meditates on Satyanath acquires knowledge of these sciences.

Guru: Omkar Adinathji
Panth: Satnathi (founder).
Place: Uttarakhand, Himalayas, Gadval kshetra.
Greatness: pavan-muktasana siddhi, knowledge of Four Vedas, 18 Puranas, 14 Shastras, 27 nakshatras, 9 planets, 9 grammars, 12 months, 16 kala, sandhya-tarpana, tantra, mantra, 24 Gayatri, shatkarma etc.
Mantra: Om shri satya nathay namaḥ