Shri Gajbeli Gajakanthar Nathji (Ganesh Savrup)

When Ganesha – a son of Parvati – was born, all gods came to greet him but just the greatness of Shiva Adinath has captivated Ganesha and he asked to grant him the form of Nath. Adinath has predicted that Ganesha will be embodied on the Earth, where will be named Gajabeli Gajakantharnath, and that the first prayer in the worship to other gods will be addressed to him. Adinath said that Ganesha will gain a great knowledge, and after that will distribute Nath yoga, leading to Moksha.

Once Guru Gorakshanath, making Yatra all over worlds, visited Ganesha-loka, and gave the initiation to God Ganesha. After that, at the request of Gorakshanath, Ganesha, turning into a yogi, went to the Earth, where was performed a severe tapas and later became a great patron of yoga and the carrier of yogic knowledge.

Guru: Omkar Adinathji.
Panth: Shiv Yoga (founder of Kanthar-panthi).
Location: Gujarat, strengthening of Kanthar, coastal area.
Sadhna: Kanthari asana.
Greatness: Good influence on people’s minds through knowledge of yoga and yogic abilities.
Mantra: Om shri gajbelī gajakanthar nathay namaḥ