Shri Chaurangi Nathji (Chander/Vanaspati Svarup)

There is a legend of how Shiva drank the Halahala poison, which led Chandra to obtain immortal yoga form. At that time, Chandra was dwelling on the head of Shiva and he did not allow the poison to go to Shiva’s head, while Shesha was protecting the Shiva’s body. As a reward for this act Shiva Adinath initiated Chandra and Ananta Shesha to the Natha-yogis. Chandra was given the opportunity to incarnate into the body of Chaurangi Natha (another name is Puranbhagat) and prove his devotion, having already gone through a series of tests. On the Earth, Chandra was born into the royal family, and later as an adult faced his step-mother’s false accusations of sexual harassment. His father ordered servants to cut off his son’s limbs and to leave him for dead in the forest. But shortly he was abandoned, Gorakshanath appeared to Chaurangi and handed him practices of internal alchemy, promising that after twelve years his arms and legs would grow back again. And so it happened, Chaurangi meditated for twelve years and performed the alchemy practice. His limbs grew back again. From this Chauranginath became an immortal mahasiddha.

Guru: Diksha-guru is Shri Matsyendranathji, Upadeshi-guru is Gorakhnathji
Panth: Gorakh Yogi (founder of Pagal panth).
Place: was born in the house of Raja Shalivahan.
Sadhna: excellent performing of bakasana, siddhasana.
Greatness: was crippled and thrown into the jungle to be eaten by jackals; he had only yogurt and rice to eat for 12 years! During this time he practiced tapasya. He performed sadhana in Bhartrihari gufa in Haridwar, the dhuni, near which he carried out tapasya in Jammu, Punjab, Haryana.
Mantra: Om siddh yogī chaurangi nathay namaḥ