Shri Adi Nathji (Omkar/Jyoti Svarup)

Shiv Adinath is considered to be the primordial Guru, who is Jyoti-Svarupa (a form of transcendental light). He is beyond any form, commonly associated with emptiness, vast and infinite light (Prakasha). He is Chit-shakti, i.e. infinite consciousness. Adinath is the source of all knowledge of yoga and tantra. Shiva inherits his own form and power through Shakti, dynamic creative force. Without His Shakti He is like an abandoned lifeless body. The Guru is considered to be a manifestation of Shiva, therefore, he is perceived as the source of Supreme Consciousness in the Natha Tradition. Only the Guru who possesses Shakti can be conceived as an authentic Guru and Siddha. The Guru is the embodiment of Power (Shakti) and Supreme Consciousness (Shiva).

Character: Jyoti-svarupa
Origin: In the beginning was the Omkaranada, the sound (shabda), which causes creation, preservation and destruction. He appeared from the Omkaranada.
Location: His eternal abode is on the Kailas mountain, near the Manasarovar Lake.
Panth: Shiv-panth or Shiva Yogis.
Sadhna: Linga-pada, utkatasana, gorakshasana etc.
Greatness: His darshan manifests as spiritual attainments (yoga siddhis), and the twelve Jyotir Lingams. He is in charge of creation and unfoldment of Shakti, appearance of all Natha Siddha avatars, Sati-Parvati, Ganesha and others, and for destroying rakshas (demons) and asuras (demigods).
Mantra: Omkar adinathay namaḥ