Shri Achal Achambhe Nathji (Akash/Shesh Svarup)

In the tradition Sri Achalachambhenath ji is known as an incarnation of Ananta Shesha and the patron of Alchemy. According to legend, Shiva Adinath bestowed the knowledge of Yoga (Yoga Vidya) upon Shesha in appreciation for his service.

Hindu Mythology has a story about the churning of the Cosmic Ocean in order to obtain Amrita – the nectar of immortality. As the Devas and Asuras churned the Ocean, using Shesha as a churning rope, since he possessed the knowledge of turning poison into nectar, a dreadful poison issued out of its depths and enveloped the universe. This terrified the Devas and Asuras because the poison was so toxic that it might have destroyed all of creation. They approached Shiva for help and protection. Out of compassion for living beings, Shiva swallowed the poison in an act of self-sacrifice. Shesha coiled on Shiva’s chest and prevented the poison from descending into his body. The poison got stuck in Shiva’s throat and turned blue.

Maharishi Patanjali the compiler of the Yoga Sutras is also considered to be an incarnation of the great Shasha. In addition to being an incarnation of Patanjali, Achalachambhenath is also known as Naganath, the founder of the Rawal Nath panth.

Guru: Omkar Adinath ji
Panth: Dariya Nathi.
Location: Patala-loka and Gohati Shyla Shringapar, Tibbat Pahadipar, Nepal, Kamaru, Hassan
Sadhna: hamsasana, hamsa-mudra, hamsa-padasana, padangushtha-vakshasana.
Deeds: performing dharana on Vishnuji and land snakes , the destruction of Asta-kula in the great Yajna in Patala protected by snakes, the destruction of the Asuras, assistance to Gorakshanatha to control the cloud of serpents in Nepal. Nagarjuna Nath was given the rituals of kapalika-tantra.
Mantra: Om shri achal acambhe nathay namaḥ