Rajbai Mata Pahadi Per Shakti Pargatan

Today, on the auspicious occasion of Holi Purnima, on the virtue of Galane (Malegava), the great Archimandrite, Dr. Yogi Vilasnath Ji by his holy feet formed Shri 9 Naths and 84 Siddh at above 3000-4000 meter high on the hill near Village Rajbai Sevali and with them execute Jager Saber power chanting mantra and big offered a prayer to God in the front of fire in the presence of approximately 3000-4000 people. On that occasion, the great Dr. Yogi Vilasnath Ji made a Nath and offered him as retirement and others offered as paternoster. Seven girls were worshipped as Goddess. By the whole process, inspirit a manifested Holi and endowed with Supernatural Powers. So, all the devotees were satisfied to saw all that manifested power.

About the Author
Yogi Vilasnath is the main successor of Shri Baba Anandanath Maharaj (who was a Mahamantri in Nath Tradition) and the Mahant of Om Shiv Goraksha Panchayatan Mandir (Galane, Malegaon distr., Nashik). He is widely known in the Tradition owing to his extensive knowledge, his books and paintings. Yogi Vilasnath had been next to his Guru for over 20 years and with his blessings written many important books on nath’s practices, particularly the well-known of them is “Shri Nath Rahasya” which contains almost all of mantras and rituals of Nathas, and nearly every Nath-yogi has this book. He is the author of Shri Goraksha Chalisa, Shri Natha Siddha Kawacha that are also known in India.

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