Guru Anand Nath ji

Guru Aanand nath ji ( Babaji ) is from the Rajput dynasty belong to Ravat family. He stays in terrain area at Navapaudi BritishGadhwal which is besides the magnificent Badrinath (a holy place) his uncle’s village is in Dehradun. His mother hadn’t born any child until 39 years, so she decided to take the aesthetic help she went to her village, and took an oath in Shri Tunganath temple, that if she the joy of motherhood she will sacrifice her second child to the god. Accordingly she gave birth to her first child Shri Govindsing. Further, 4 years later, in 1940,Shri Aanandsing had born .Five years staying at mothers village Shri Aanand sing ji went to his uncle’s place for staying for a few days .There is a sacred place named Sahastradhara, which was situatednera to the village. Aanadnathji went to that place There is a temple near to it, where a sadhoo (sage) resided. He approached to the sage. Kind and calm man, crushed a rodga (Small round flat bread prepared from white millet) in milk and jaggrey, and gave to the lad, He stayed there a night and slept. Next morning, little Aanandnathji got up and started walking . Walking forwards, he approached a place, he saw 5-6 hutments, Both walked with her, she provided them with dinner and advised them to dense forest further , that is after village accordingly they agreed to kind lady’s advice and returned back.

Babaji had studied up to 5th standard still he had knowledge of many subjects and literature. Aanandnathji’s whole family then shifted to Dehradun. They stayed there for at least for a year. They had their former village in year 1954. He initially, started doning his job near Badrinath and then later, he moved towords Nainital. Migrating from place to place, Aanandnathji met a Nath Sadhu (a group of devote) at Asthal Bohar at the age of 15. He recived an honour of Nath Aai by the senior Devotee, Mahant Yogi Shreyonathji. At the age of 16, he undergone a ritual called Kanchira After completing the ritual, he set off to Badrinath along with other sages and devotees . After returing from Badrinath,his mentor oederd himto travel across many places in India .He set off by waling to kanaykumari, Narmada Parikrama, Gangasagar, Pashupatinath, Nepal.

He carried only a Lungi (A Lion cloth) Kamnadalu ( A vassel used by old sages while performing rituals) While his travel . And he only stayed for 2-3 days at a place and then set off to new destination.

While travelling for second time across india , he got lost on his way while travelling in Satpuda Ranges (Maharashtra). He came across a very strong phenomena . In lonely place,he saw a man picking up logs of wood . That man, showed him proper way and suddenly he vanished from his site.

Traveling many place,he reached a placed called Nepa nagar , Madhya Pradesh. He stayed there in a Temple. He met his disciple named Jagdish Shetty, who was mill worker Jagdish took care of food for Anandnathji .He saw people who deprived of Happiness some were unemployed ,some were out of food and water. Anandnathji used to give some food to those people. Some people criticized his kind and Humble behavior towards poor people. People cursed him without any reason. He stayed their for 15 Years, and then he went to Vivare village situated in Jalgaon district near Raver Maharashtra. Approximately in 1958 the grampanchayat of Vivare village had constructed room for any further used using Government aids. They also had 4/5 samdhis of Nathas besides that room. Shri Anandnathji requested that sarpanch of Vivare for the key of room. But he denied his request but Anandnathji broke the lock himself and cleaned the room. When this incidence fell on the ears of sarpanch, he immediately filed a case against him in court. This case took many days to reach any conclusion, later their was a mutual understanding between them some people were misguided and were hurting Anandnathji (Babaji) through different way .To make this misunderstanding clear, Babaji stayed in the village for about 1.5 years. Those people who had hurt Babaji, received many hardships and sorrow in their future life and those who served Babaji good, received happiness and Joy .

Babaji then travelled to Galane village, Malegaon, Maharashtra. Following their mentor, Babaji’s disciples also followed him in Galane village and those who couldn’t follow him to Galane ,eastablished his photo in the same room where he once lived and worshiped him. Every year Parayans (Reading of Dyaneshvari) was conducted. And following Parayans, Bhandara (Huge Prasadam) and Pravachan (spiritual Lecture ) was being conducted. He gradually brought peace among small villages. Till today people from Vivare visit Galane for Bhandara as a sign of peace. Babaji then came to Dhule , he lived in a temple which was near a cementary.There ,a gambler used to bring a Tiffin for Babaji every day. Babaji observed his habit of gambling, and decided to live in shridevi mandir which was near Bhilla nivas. He again gamblers accupying the place, so he turned to Banks of Panjara river where he lived in a temple .Babaji had worn only a lungi ,when Shri Narayanrao Joshi saw him. He bowed to Babaji and took him to Narayan Master Chawl. He stayed there for 3 -4 days .He one day ,inform that day ,no one saw him ,he disappeared. One pleaded him to come back home and accept them as their disciples. Babaji made 20 disciples and ordered them to follow rules of disciples. He told him to stay away from alcohol, meat and sexuality. From 20 disciples, 19 of them died because they didn’t follow the rules only one stayed alive.

One day, Babaji without informing anyone, with one lungi, black scarf, he stood on the road. These was a truck who was standing on side of road .Babaji approached him and asked whether this truck will go to Malegaon!!! Driver replied yes. Babaji asked him to drop to Malegaon. The truck driver replied that, the owner of this truck is standing at the gate and should ask him .Accordingly, he went and asked him, the owner called the driver and ordered him to drop Babaji at Mousam chowk and also handed him 5 Rs for Babaji breakfast and travel Nasik afterthat .All went according to the owner. While, coming out of the hotel, they met Dasharath Tahshildars servant Shrimaru.

Shrimaru asked them where do they want to go? Babaji replied that he wants to meet Patil of Vivare. Servent saiod that he knows the address and kindly told him to sit in the Jeep .They reached straight to Bunglow. Dashrath Patil was of nature of honouring Babaji with his kindness with respect, he welcomed Babaji with warmth .He gave him snacks and tea .He gave him some money and coconut (sign of Honour) and bowed him .The servant, Shrimaru said to Babaji that the house of Vivare Patil is nearby and there isn’t any need of jeep so, they could be going walking .But ,Babaji said , he wants to go to his (Shrimaru’s) home and then to Patils house.

There was a house in front of Shrimaru’s house where a person named Kashinath Appa Musale lived. Kashinath belonged to Galane village and his son owned a shop and house while ,Babaji and Shrimaru were walking to his home Kashinath observes them.He watched them having breakfast in Shrimaru’s house ,so he send two of his sons to request Babaji for the breakfast at his own house .Shri Babaji denied the request Shrimaru informed the sons that Kashinath should himself come and make a request to Babaji .Kashinath humbly comes to kashinathappa’s house and has breakfast . Kashinath had welcomed and has breakfast .Kashinath had welcomed and bidded him well . Shrimaru then along with Babaji took of to patils house. Kashinath made a request to Babaji to do all his household chores like haring breakfast bathing, this own house Babaji agreed and went to kashinath’s house.

Kashinath brought up the subject of going to Galana for attending the Death anniversary of shri Charandas Maharaj,on occasion of which parayan (Holy book reading )was being arranged Babaji gave a positive response to it and agreed.

Kashinath and Babaji travelled up to zodge(village)and then kashinath said that he is going to make a search for tonga for travelling further .But Babaji denied and came up with idea of walking and reached to a village named Tingri. There they met to person .The question them about why did they come so long by walking. He also told that he is bringing the tanga. Kashinath said that the man himself brought the tanga without our consent and Babaji was also tired. So, they both got in the tonga and travelled to Galana.

Babaji used to visualize the scenes of Nepanagar and vivare while he was in Galane.He realized this when be arrived to Galane. Kashinath family was back at his home, so he went back to Malegaon to Galane.Kashinath’s family was back at his home, so he went back at his home ,so he went back to Malegaon to bring them to Galana. Meanwhile, He appointed Pandurangsheth Chincore to look after Babaji’s food & other things while,kashinath was back in Malegaon, 25-30 devotees from Dhule came riding on bicycles to his house in order to meet Babaji. Kashinath informed them that Babaji is in Galne in present.Further, all of them went straight to Galna.There was a huge quarrel between the local people and the devotee as both of groups wanted to keep Babaji in their respective village.Babaji interrupted in between and solved the problem. Babaji went to dhule , he stayed there for 7-8 days and declared that those who want to meet me shall find me in Galana only and he would stay in Galane only.

Babaji was provided with food in morning by shri kashinath appa and dinner by Shri Pandurang Chinchore.

Shri Babaji was of firm and strict nature, along with a devotion society’s welfare. He targeted about illegal things taking place on and around the society. This nature was opposed by many officials. This was also contributed by many people from small villages who opposed Babaji’s ongoing.

There was a misunderstanding between them .This opposing group went to pandurang’s house and forced him to stop providing dinner to Babaji but he said to them if kashinath stops providing lunch, so will he follow him. This opposing group lacked sheer guts to go to kashinath’s house and to threaten him. Through his internal mind opposing group and their activities. Babaji decided to leave Galane. He left galane and stayed in a fort. He informed only Bholanath about it.

When , kashinath came to know about it he took the lunch to the fort .Babaji replied humbly that there are natural vegetation comprising of herbs and other plants which are enough for my survival.He also told him to listen to the opposing group you should accept the rivalry of people which is for me .They will banish you from the community so you shouldn’t bring the food for me.Kashinath said I have complet faith in you and God and my service for you of providing you food will never stop.Accordingly, kashinath kepton providing Babaji with food at the fort. Kashinath never felt exhausted while travelling the remoted area to fort. Babaji stayed in the fort for 4-5 days.Sometime, Babaji used to eat the herbs in the fort.People used to climb up the fort in order to meet Babaji. A fter returning from fort, Babaji didn’t talk or single word to anyone for 3-4 months.

The place where Babaji used to stay in fort have become quiet carelike.Babaji used to sit on a Aasan which was on right side of a shape which was 10 feet wide and 20 feet in length.There were underground rooms beneath it .They were 40 feet in size and 25 feet deep inside.It was so deep that if one felt in it he would never come back on his own .There were statues of Ganesha ,Hanuman ,Shivling and a dim bonefire in the middle of the dungeon .Normal people would fear to live even for one night in this place. Babaji would sometimes make curry of Rui leaves which would taste better than kashinath’s brought lunch.

These opposing people who tried to oppose babaji in different made Babaji angry .They even taunted him, but Babaji had a belief that, when this misunderstanding will get clear, everything will befine This reminds of an incidence that took place with a Hindu saint in uttar Pradesh during Muslim region .The Holy saint stay in village which was deeply situated in a forest. An army official had heard about the saint. One day the officer rided to village across the forest on horse to meet him .There were not any good roads through in those days while travelling ,he saw a person breaking the branches were scattered all over the road which made the officer angry . He spoke, you have blocked my way. The wood cutter stayed silent and then said I will clear if for you officer was now on verge of bursting anger he walked heavily over horse and brought and whipped him 10-12 times and deared the road himself .The officer then reached other next village. He met the people around asked about the holy sant .One villager told that, he is gone back to rout from where you have come to bring wood and branches as social service he is gone to cut some branches. A sudden realized his mistake .His deeply regretted to the rout and saw the saint there .He jumped on to the saints feet and burst into tears kind saint picked up officers arms and brought him up and talked softly your mistake .Think, as you haven’t done any crime as such ,Tears are boon ,represent’s life’s emotions ,they are god’s gift to us .Tears and ocean water have quite a lot of similarities like in coloue , Tempratur , salinity.Y our tears are very eager to join my ocean of knowledge .You have tested my mentorship which is to checking of any currency. You haven’t done any crime. Everything, is washed in the tears that are rolling down, According to your expectations, I have accepted you as my disciple.

When we go on a pilgrimage, we sometimes come across other temples, we surely go to pray and seek blessings in order to established our good will. Babaji was such on a pilgrimage, he had heard about Shri Vichardas Maharaj’s Tirth place ( Holy place) and have witnessed many spiritual happenings over there .

Sadguru Shri Vichardas Maharaj is a native of Vadner ( Khakurdi) Taluka Malegaon, District Nasik. His real name was Vaman and father’s name was Damu Tukaram. He was a farmer He was born on 8-12-1909. He have 2 brothers and one sister. He belong Vani caste.

Shri Vichardas Maharaj was stubbornly curious,at the same time , he was naughty also. Hence, he was sent to his uncle’s place at chinchve for studies.He was kept at Shri Pandurang Tatya in Pimpalner for few days. He was fond of devotion to lord shiva. Once he played a prank on someone , he was caught and locked in a room vichardas ji maharaj somehow escaped their and reached to vadner.There was a nearby shiv temple vichardas ji maharaj decided to leave studies and spend his rest of lifr in devotion of Lord shiva.

At the age of 14, he contracted leprosy. All the village belonging to the village, threw vichardas ji out of the village, they drag him all out of the temple. He then went to chinchave village where his uncled stayed for medications. Similar to former village, he wasn’t treated well over here. He decided to leave the village and so he set off by walking. He saw a shiva temple. On his way. He stayed for 3 days in the temple. The temple’s poojari advised him to go to Hrishilesh. Accordingly, he went walking and reached Hrishikesh. There he came across a saint who showed him the way to enlightenment. He became a saint and he went way back to chinchve.

When Vichardas Maharaj arrived in the shiva temple, he saw Shri Amardas, who was student of a Punjabi sage . Punjabi sage had died long back Amardasji used to perform ritual and read holy books. A lot of people were against him. Vichardas ji stayed in a room besides the temple. The opting people murderd Amardas ji deceitfully and decided to put the name of Vichardas ji Maharaj for proof, those people kept Amardas ji balance in vichardas ji room .As all went according to their plan , vichardas ji was caught by Nasik police as report was made .Vichardas ji was brought by police and kept in Nasik Central Jail. The court ordered him to remove the plaits of hair and sentenced him 6 months imprisonment Vichardasji had plaits extending beyond his own height for holding them, two person were needed and some people used to wash them 2 – 3 times weekly.Vichardas Maharaj’s mentor was of Udasi Panth (Group) named Naanakdas Maharaj.

When Vichardasji completed his punishment, he met Shri Ratan Khatri (who was from Nagpur) at Nasik court and made an appeal in Mumbai High Court. All the devotees had left Vichardasji, Shri Ratan Khatri and his friend were only one to strivehard for the case. Shri Ratan Khatri had assured him that, Vichardasji would only stay on the banks of river at a respective place.

The court adjourned the case for 5 – 6 months Shri Ratandas Khatri came to Galane from Nagpur by walking. He stayed in Shri Kashinath’s house. He earned Rs 500 by working nearby. One morning, he went to a fallow land behind the temple for his toilet activity, he saw a Ganesh Idol in a temple on his way. He thought to himself .I am impare right now, I cannot go in the temple .He decided to pray from outside and made an oath that if he wins the case ,then he could come every shravan and arranged for Holy Parayan of Dnyaneshwari in Ganesh Temple. Next day, Shri Ratan Khatri arrived to Mumbai High Court. They had travelled from Nasik .The hearing started, case started on, but was stopped in half .It was postponed for few days.While going Vichardasji was stopped by the judge. The judge came towards him and asked for his help .The judge’s wife was sick from illness and couldn’t even do her activities of daily living .Every treatment and medicine were tried ,still these wasn’t any effect. Vichardasji, calmly brought a ‘Pudi’ in which ask was kept .He opened it and asked the judge to get a glass of water. He sprikled all the powder in water and informed the judge, to sprinkle the holy water and on wife and give her rest to drink Vichardasji said a ‘Mantra’ in mind and handed over the glass of water to judge. He went home, and did as he said. The drink had made his effect. His wife showed good improvement and become well and good . The judge came to know about the greatness of this person. He realized that Vichardasji is being him as innocent and set him free.

After all the court procedure, Shri Vichardas Maharaj was brought to Galane. All selfish devotees who had left him, once again came towards him. They all realised their mistake later, he was declared as the head of the ‘Panth’ (Saint’s Group). Some other saint’s group also came to visit him, some even came from Himalayas .He had got many other spiritual power which he used for peoples welfare. He treated people’s illness .He had treated a jailor’s chronic knee pain.

Sadguru Shri Vichardas Maharaj died at 6 o clock pm on 07/09/1960. From this day, in Galane, death anniversary is being celebrated each year in the Ganesh temple. First, death aniversary was conducted by hands of Shri Anandji Babaji. Further, in future, it was conducted by Babaji or sometims by his relationship between Vichardasji and Babaji.

Anandnathji is now one of the main yogis in India .Since 1986, he is head of Avadhoot Bhesh Bharahpanth Mahashabha Next , 12 years were also handed over to him for leadership . His term was till 2010 -2011 .In his resign, the Mahashabha was well promoted and flourished in his resign.he constructed rooms and houses in Haridwar.He renovoted the ‘Dhoona Mandap’ in Hrishikesh.He also build Dharamshalas and Ashrams in Hrishikesh and Badrinath.He also brought financial stability in Maharashtra .He also published the knowledge in books .That it would be available to common man.

Babaji lived in Galane for 25 years 1961 to 1986 He left his own birthplace and stayed in Galane which was in gaalne was in middle of forest. The place in which Galane was situated, was once considered sarage and impure, but due to Babaji arrival , it gained prosperity and flourished well, As if Babaji were a keystone to convert stone in to Gold, Since 1986 Babaji stayed up in Haridwar and lookd after the Mahasabha. Every year, he attended the parayanof Dnyaneshwari in Galane in month of Shravan. In Galane Ganesh temple is considreed to br a very holy place. There is holy basil plant in front of the temple, it is written on a stone that Yogi Shri Aanandnathji and this samadhi is 1300 years old. It is thought by the native people of babaji 1300 years ago, who would have been so fond of Galane village. And once he also would have been king of Galane when he is alive and also after his death.

Mahasiddha yogi Shri Baba Aanandanathji Maharaj died on 05/08/2010 at Haridwar after that His body was taken to Galane , Malegaon , Maharashtra and make a Samadhisthal at Galane.