Ghor Aghor Panth

||Om Shiva Goraksha Yogi||

“Nath Sampraday Aghor Panth sammelan in PrayaagRaaj KumbhaMela”

On 13/2/19, Magh Mass (Month of Magh as per Indian calendar ) , Shukla Paksha, Ashtami, Samvat 2075, At Tirtha Raj Priyagraj , in Aghor akhada, Nath sampradaya’s Aghor panth convention is concluded .

In which, as the chief guest, Yogi Mahasabha’s propaganda president Sadguru Yogi Vilas Nathji was invited.

The Aghori from different countries participated in the convention.

This convention helped to clear the misconception of common people about the Aghori .

Guruji discussed about the origin of the Aghor panth, its sadhana (spiritual practices ) and the Aghor ritual for the welfare of the people.

Guruji Vilas Nath Ji Maharaj also enlightened on different topics like Ghor Aghor, The Kapalik, Kul Akul tantrik and Vaampantha

# Guruji also talked about the nath sampradaya’s prevalent satvik “Panchamakar Shabar Aghor Sadhana”,
He also told that,

# Any seeker who possess a cranial(Kapaal) or practices its sadhana, it is mandatory to him to do “Kapal moksha sadhana”, otherwise he cannot accomplish the skull(kapal), nor he can become complete aghori.

#He clarified that ,in aghor panth nirvana and liberation is possible only after Kapaal Moksha Sadhana

#He also cleared that this universe is created by union of Ghor and Aghor and which is also known as union of Shiva and Shakti,

#Lord Shiva was created only by Adinath Bhagwan and then from him(lord shiva) all the tantra, which included the Agam Tantra, Aghor tanta and also many sects got created .

#Aghor Panth is an integral part of the Nath Sampradaya

#Due to aghor panth sadhana ,Seeker get the perception towords the world so that he goes beyond evil, sin virtue.

|| Iti shubham||

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